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How to Plan Your Wedding in Simple Steps

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you have decided to unite your destinies, the next question is when and where the big event will take place. Here are some of the most important steps to organise your wedding stress free.

Period and type of wedding

Our advice, when you start to organise your wedding, would be to think about what season you prefer for the wedding, keep in mind holidays and days off and what events you already have planned.

How do you want your wedding to be: a big one (with all your acquaintances) or a small one (only close friends and family)? Outdoors or indoors? Once you clarify these issues, the wedding will begin to take shape and you can start planning.

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The next step would be to choose a theme for your wedding. When you make this decision take into account your preferences and personality . Here are some options: modern or classic, vintage or glamorous wedding? We recommend gathering ideas from magazines, Pinterest or Instagram. Think about the weddings you attended: what you liked or what you would do differently.


If we've talked about simpler things so far, it's time to move on to more serious issues, like the budget. It is important to set a budget for the wedding and try to stick to  it. You can make tables in excel where you can put all the expenses, or if you are old fashioned you can use a notebook to write down all the details.

Venue, church and mayoralty

Depending on the theme chosen for the wedding, it's time to choose a location. Choose a venue as quickly as possible and book your favourite location. Usually, the venue has a predefined menu, which you can taste, from which you can choose according to your preferences.

If you solved the venue, you must also  talk to the priest and make a reservation at the church as well. 11 to 14 days before the desired date for your civil ceremony you must submit the to the town hall all the necessary papers.

The invitations

If you have set the date and location, it's time to make the invitations and lists with guests you want to attend the event. It is good to print a few extra copies and customize them according to the theme of the wedding. Nowadays you can even make a web page with all the details of your wedding or use an application to communicate with guests.


This is one of the most important moments in your life so you need a lot of memories from it! You have to look for a photographer and cameraman to immortalise every moment. A very common option is to book a wedding planner who can help you with all the steps.

Music is essential and sets the tone for the party. You can opt for a live band or a DJ.
You can also opt to have dance  and music moments or photo booths to steam up your wedding.

Remember to make appointments for hairdresser / hairdresser and makeup. We donțt advise you to make major changes before the big day and always try them before.


If it is easier for the gentlemen to choose an elegant suit, choosing the wedding dress can be more difficult. That's why we suggest to go with close friends (mother, sister, friends) and see what kind of dress suits you. Keep in mind that the dress should be ordered 2-3 months before you have time for testing.

Visit or browse the internet for wedding rings, you have many options.

Get confirmations 

7-10 days before the wedding you will have to send the number of menus to the restaurant so you need to know the total number of guests.. Some will announce you in advance, others you will need to call. Allow 2 hours to call all the guests to see if they can attend the wedding.

Presents for guests

And as your wedding will be an unforgettable one, the guests must leave with a memory of the event. The present can be a cake, a bottle of wine or you can go for something more unconventional, but very fashionable, a magnet with pictures from the wedding that guests can put on the fridge.

We hope this list will help you organise your dream wedding.

Last but not least, it's your wedding, have fun and enjoy every moment.


Date: February 2020