Beef Tartare

The beef tartare is one of those dishes that you simply need to try.


Some of you may be reluctant, but we are convinced you will be charmed, and this dish will become one of your favourites if you just give it a chance.


In our restaurant we use only fresh ingredients and prepare it right in front of you.


Why try the beef tartare?


First of all because the dish is packed with different flavours ranging from spicy to citrusy. Even if it’s raw meat, it is perfectly safe to eat it. We try it all the time.


The Origins of Tartare


The idea of eating minced and/or raw meat was popularized in Slavic regions with Mongol encroachment. 


They and their Turkic allies the Tatars were known collectively as being from Tartary, which was essentially Mongolia. They had a tradition of finely mincing very tough meats like horse and camel, to make them edible, then binding the meat with milk or eggs. Europeans told stories of this being made by placing the meat under a saddle to ride upon it until tender. It is possible that this story was confusion originating in the use of thin slices of meat to protect saddle sores from further rubbing.


Did you know that it is more difficult to digest cooked meat than raw meat?

When meat is cooked, many of the important enzymes are killed off.


BENEFITS: The Beef tartare contains a lot of vitamin B and C. As a plus, the egg yolk and raw beef are great options to introduce more protein into your diet and build lean muscles.


This dish is worth a try for anyone who wants to open up their taste buds to something new. 



Calea Turzii 329, Cluj-Napoca


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