Top trends for weddings in 2020

Do you want your wedding to be a special one that will be talked about for many years in your circle of friends and family members?


Here are the latest trends in wedding planning in 2020 for inspiration.


1. Sustainable weddings


What does a sustainable wedding mean? It is a wedding with little impact on the environment. This can mean: reusing your engagement ring or wedding dress, sourcing locally grown food, make sure the location where you organize your wedding recycles or that your wedding has a low emissions footprint (guests will not drive too far to the venue).

2. Aphrodisiac colors


This year use unconventional colors for your wedding: mint green, millennial pink (a bold combination between pink and purple), yellow with earthy tones or denim blue. A lot of options to choose from!


3. Accessories worn in your hair


The veil is still the classic choice, but hair jewelry is increasing in trends. Use hair accessories embellished with pearls or rhinestones, they are great for styling natural curls or a bun.


4. Edible flowers


Whether sprinkled on dessert, frozen in ice cubes or tossed in salads, edible flowers are a big trend for 2020 weddings.


5. Self-service drinks


Of course, we do not suggest you put a fridge with drinks from where the guests can get their own drinks, we refer to creating an artificial tap on a wall where guests can pour their own prosecco or ready-made cocktails with a series of special toppings for guests to customize their favorite beverage.


6. Outfits for marriages


Gentlemen forget about the classic black suit; blue is the color for you in 2020. Shades of blue and cobalt are trending and don't be afraid to use accessories to customize your look.


7. Interactive food


The traditional menu is combined with interactive culinary moments such as: donut walls, or appetizer served on a conveyor belt. You can also opt for molecular gastronomy or fusion cuisine to surprise your guests.


We hope these trends inspired you and you can use the ideas for your wedding!


Date: 28.01.2020 

Inspiration: Theknow & Harper's Bazar



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